& Grace

Dwell in Truth​​​

Books to share~

Appointment in Jerusalem
A single woman in Denmark lives a very comfortable life as a career teacher. She has her own home, her work, and is religous- she goes to church services on holidays. Until she unexpectedly encounters God, and she follows Him on adventures she never saw coming!
Set Apart Woman by Leslie Ludy
This book greatly encouraged me, with less focus on parenting techniques and more of incorporating God's grace, focus, and love into parenting little ones.

Family-Friendly Listening~

Ellerslie Mission Society Podcasts
Be encouraged by listening to these podcasts while you are doing things around the house, driving, or even while you shop! Some of my favorites- Fearless , and Does God Still Heal ?

Things to Try~

Lara Casey Powersheets , Fruitful Summer
Lara Casey and her team have created beautiful, motivating tools to help you envision what God has for your life, and then to make it happen! They also have many free resources available.
Dressing Your Truth
More than clothing guidelines, this company has set up personality profiling in a way that is encouraging and relationship-changing (in the best way!). Find out why black isn't everyone's color, why it's okay to celebrate the idea without the need to make it happen, why some people have the impulse to perfect, and much more.