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My husband wanted to be an astronaught. Apparently there is a height requirement, and he's tall, so he became an engineer. Whatever. From this picture, surrounded by big machines that do incredible things, I look like I might be married to an engineer, right? I mean a smart, funny, problem-solving, capable guy.
Because obviously telling you about my husband says something about me. I mean, you are who you surround yourself with. I'm fairly certain someone important said that some time. 
And if not, I just said it.

Welcome! I'm glad you're here!

Since 2011

Andrew and I met playing pickup ultimate frisbee at a local park. We bonded over college experiences, driving motorcycles, and having friends in common. It was really our opposites that attracted us to each other, though. As cheesy as it is, we complete each other, rounding each other out. This doesn't happen as smoothly as that phrase makes it sound, but God is definitely teaching us to be better people, using both the ways we clash and the ways we finish each other.
We drove half-way across the country, and then back, while I was in my first trimester of pregnancy. I'll never do that again. We moved back home to be near family, found jobs and moved during a New England winter. A few feet of snow on the ground, no big deal.  We had a newborn at our first anniversary. On her 8-month birthday, we signed for our first house, and moved three truck-loads of stuff into our new home during a blizzard. Thank you, family and friends, for helping us through that one! We've spent the years since scraping off 60's wallpaper, washing, painting, ripping up carpets, ripping down old and nailing up new siding, trying to be organized enough to get dinner on the table and Baby to bed. 
And she's kind of amazing, that little girl.
It's so true, that when you search for God, you'll find Him. I mean, we couldn't have created this life on our own. 
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